Sunday, October 16, 2011

I love this man....

Not much time to write.  But here are some facts:

I finally got a job in a new industry and have been actually pretty happy about possibly leaving my old career completely behind.  K took me out on Friday to celebrate landing a new job.  We went to a very nice place and the man looks wonderful in a full suit...I'm just saying.  While at dinner, he said: "Thank you for giving us something to celebrate."  I'm not sure why that resonates with me two days later.  It felt like an acknowledgement that there is an "us."

Last night I dreamed of a particular activity.  This morning, still half asleep, I mentioned the dream to K.  He asked if he should do that to me...with a special tone in his voice.  He really does want to fulfill my dreams.

We've spent the last four nights together.  Last night he said:  "This is really, really, really, really comfortable." (Yes, I counted the "reallys").

I've been apart from him for about eight hours now.  I really, really, really, really miss him...just laughing and talking with him.  It's odd to me to miss *him* that much because when I first started out in this relationship, I thought it'd be a good, fun sexual excursion while I continued looking for a job.  But when he obviously thinks of "us," fulfills my dreams, is comfortable with me, and I just simply miss him, I start to wonder where we might end up.

For now, I'm so extremely happy with him in every possible way, that I'm content to just be.

I love this man....and it's starting to feel like it's a better kind of love than I've given before.  And trust me, I've tried really hard to look for bad stuff to say about him and it just doesn't seem to exist.

ETA:  Okay, this week he did make me cry.  But it was because he told me that I really do deserve to be happy whether with or without him.  He then said that when we met, I knew that I deserved it, but I didn't *know* it.  I cried that he would be that aware, early on, and honest.  And then I whispered that I want to be happy with him.

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  1. We've had some conversations about what you deserve. I understand the difference between know and *know* as you use them -- and that is indeed a hard step. I'm glad that, at least in K's estimation, you've crossed that line.

    I have a 90% confidence in knowing what "particular activity" you dreamed of, and if you don't write privately and confirm it, I'm gonna be steamed :o)

    A billion congratulations on the job, H!!! I'm so happy/relieved/happy for you.