Sunday, September 18, 2011


The past two weeks, I've been helping one of K's friends who just started a small business.  I've only helped out three different days, but it gives me something fun to do while job searching.  Staying busy helps keeps my spirits up.  This friend is in K's circle of fishing/home-state friends.

K also introduced me to a different set of friends last night.  These are all the ladies with whom he works at his professional job.*  Most of them are old enough to be his mother, so they have maternal feelings about him.  I was nervous, but just decided to be myself and found I had a wonderful time laughing with everyone (even though I drank a lot less than most of them).

The weirdness super question mark in this post is because of the following.  I had met the fishing buddy and his wife a couple of months ago and at that time, they quizzed me about how we met...but the fishing buddy asked this week about my view on children and also asked again how K and I met.  Then yesterday, his wife asked something similar about children.  At first these did not strike me as odd.  But then last night, all of his work friends also quizzed me on the same things.

Separately, K brought up the process of raising children twice in the last two weeks and seemed to be asking my opinions on some things; and last night he went on...and on...about how one of his work friends is on her second marriage and it's really positive for her even though they've already been married sixteen years and that "sometimes the second time is the best."  Last night he also said something about no longer being embarrassed about having met through an online dating site because he now knows he found something worth keeping.

Normally, if these various comments had been spaced out a bit more, it wouldn't be on my mind.  But everything coming so close together, and the fishing friends asking questions they already asked a while ago, just makes me feel like K might be saying some really positive things about our relationship.  I started this post thinking something was going on....and I didn't start out recognizing the possibility of positive comments from him...that just struck me as I drafted this paragraph.  Originally I was thinking something weird/odd was going on.  But I think I'm just going to accept that his friends asked these serious questions, and he made some sort of serious comments, all because this relationship is good for him.  It's definitely good for me.  I think instead of fretting over what these comments mean, I'm just going with the idea it means he's happy when he mentions me.
*K has a degree with a major and two minors, all completed in four years. :o)  His M-F job utilizing his degree and he is on a professional track.  His weekend job is at a grocery store and he calls it his "fun job."  I think he spends a lot of his time at the store coming up with recipes he wants to try.

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  1. All he would have to do is say to one friend: you know, this girl H I've been seeing... she could be the one.

    Then cry havoc and let slip the dogs of matchmaking, or something to that effect. That word would spread like fire and you would be an instant subject for evaluation by everyone who cares about K and his future and happiness.